Assembly Primer Series — For SPU, PPC and ARM

The SecurityTube Assembly Language Primer For Hackers Series for Linux provides a solid introduction to assembly language programming for the ia32 architecture. I found it to be most informative, and wondered what the examples from that series might look like if written for the PPU and SPUs of the Cell BE.

More recently, I acquired a Nokia N900 and have begun working through the same series for the N900’s ARM Cortex-A8 core.

My notes for each part are linked below.

Instruction list PPU SPU
Part 1 System Organization PPC SPU ARM
Part 2 Memory Organisation SPU
Part 3 GDB Usage Primer PPC & SPU
Part 4 Hello World PPC SPU ARM
Part 5 Data Types PPC & SPU
Part 6 Moving Data PPC SPU ARM
Part 7 Working with Strings SPU ARM

Further links will be added as I complete subsequent parts.

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