Bug review, 2013-04-10

A fairly quiet two weeks compared to the one before. The main reasons being a week of illness (I find fever and an ability to concentrate to be mutually exclusive :\) and a change in work focus to a time of information gathering and planning for a different project, which has resulted in less opportunity for writing new bugs.

Summary of the weeks

Wednesday 2013-03-27

An optimistic beginning to the new week: no bugs to write about, so I posted a photograph.

Thursday 2013-03-28

An example of using the compiler to help identify particular code patterns that I wanted to eliminate.

Friday 2013-03-29

An actual bug, and worse than a runtime bug: checked-in build breaker. Shameful.

Tuesday 2013-04-02

  • Implicitly finding bugs in other people’s code

Sunday 2013-04-07

Not at all bug related, but a point of curiosity that (thanks to a lot of input from others) turned into a interesting list of studios that have been around for more than twenty years.


Not a many bugs in the list this time, so doesn’t seem like there’s a lot to say about these two weeks — except that the rate of bugs does go down when you’re not writing any code…

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