CellBE frameworks

celltask “A clean task interface to Cell programmers to start jobs in SPUs by hiding the tedious context/pthread creation, mailbox/signal/interrupt mailbox communication, etc.” (new)

speutils “…instance initiators for various types of posix threads to run the spe programs as well as a instance oriented message passing interface.”

MARS (Multicore Application Runtime System) is a set of libraries that provides an API to easily manage and create user programs that will be scheduled to run on various microprocessing units of a multicore environment.”

spumedia “… to provide accellerators for the cell broadband engine processor”

spexms “Simple library for creating spe accelerators for the CELL BE and Playstation 3”

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Fedora 11, PS3 & SPU programming

Some notes on Fedora 11 on PS3

Intro to Cell, part 6 and part 7 the excellent series from NotZed continues.

2D Polygon rendering demo(3067FPS ver.) on PS3 Linux

YUV to RGB on SPU More in-depth spu programming from NotZed.

Insomniac games Nocturnal Initiative and also #nocturnal on irc.freenode.net  (and Insomniac’s R&D page is always a good read)