Some Linux on PS3 updates

I’ve updated the Linux distros page with links to articles about installing Ubuntu 9.10 [Joep Cremers Weblog] and Fedora 12 [Geoff Levand, Ken Werner] on the Playstation 3.

In mosty unrelated news,

  • IBM will not be releasing a previously planned successor to the PowerXCell 8i [heise online, Playstation University]
    (neither article conveys particularly clear information to me – not least because I have only a machine translation of the first one)
  • Playstation 3 firmware version 3.10 seems to have added ABC iView and BBC iPlayer support to the XMB (the presence of which *may* be related to your PSN region, geographical restrictions to accessing video content still seem to apply). If you can’t see it in the TV column of your XMB, try rebooting…

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